Tango on the Balcony was the first step towards making a feature film on the subject of veterans, their spouses and families, and the challenges they all face in the transition to civilian life. The feature film we are planning will not simply be a tale of homecoming. We hope to create a film that will explore the human psyche and tell the story of those who have been touched by war, trauma and their service by exploring dreams. For this to happen in the right way, we need to hear from service members, veterans, veterans' mothers, husbands, wives and siblings and their spouses.

Have you experienced disturbing or unusual dreams that relate to your service?

Have you experienced unusual or extraordinary dreams after your spouse returned from war?

Has your PTSD, TBI, MST or other trauma or injury affected your dreams?

We want to hear from you.

Please click here to submit your dreams to us for use in our next film.

Questions can be emailed to info@cyprianfilmsny.com